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Land Survey Construction Support Services

We offer Land Survey Construction Support Services. Our services comprises of Engineering & Construction Survey Services and Survey and Engineering Services.


Land Survey Construction Support Services

Service Details:

Site Location : India

We are leading service provider of Hydrographic Survey Global Positioning Services. PESPL uses advance navigation and data acquisition system and processing software for preparation of charts, carrying out all types of Hydrographic survey for the following categories:

Bathymetric surveys
Rivers & Lake/Reservoir surveys
Port & Harbours surveys
Dredging surveys
Geophysical Surveys
Diving Support — Positioning Service
Offshore construction projects
Positioning Services — Rig and Barges
Route survey
Shallow water Oceanography

Differential Global Positioning Services:

Using a range of GPS receivers, PESPL is able to establish control points on land to the few Millimeter level of accuracy by using static differential techniques.PESPL offers UHF/HF linked Differential Global Positioning Service (DGPS) to Positioning accuracy of sub meter for:

Vessel navigation and offshore surveys
Rig positioning, offshore vessels and barge positioning
Land surveys and GIS (Geographical Information System) application surveys
Vessel management services
Navigation assistance and pilotage for vessel movement in and out of ports/harbor


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